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Business Partners

Eniac Company was established in 1999 to provide technical and engineering services in the field of information technology, telecommunications, e-commerce and electronic payment systems, organization& manufacturing companies - Industrial & Trading Co. Since 1999 Eniac provides innovative end-to-end payment solutions for financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalization bureaus, retailers, terminal and card vendors and last but not least is loyalty infrastructure. With about 20 years of experience in financial and well established products such as card management, central/instant card personalization, transaction management, Payment service providing and hardware solutions Eniac is also a leading player in processing service for variable channels such as POS machine, mobile, IVR, Internet Gateway , close-loop& open-loop transit and wearable payment technologies.

Smart Hoom

"HOOM" Smart Home is trying to bring security to your home along the technology using the Internet of Things. By using the best experts, HOOM has provided Iranian smart home with full Persian applications and native products for all Iranians.


Ertebatat & Toseh Rahkar Afarin Beynolmelal (Private Held Co.) With the abbreviation Etraab®️, initially named Orum Ertebat Gostar Kavosh Gharb with registry code 6496 established in 1 February of 2004, Holding ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard from UK, managed by the CEO of the company who has been introduced as a young entrepreneur brand in 2011, second-ranked entrepreneurship in IT field in the country in 2013, and chosen from one hundred adequate national managers in 2015, having the only on process and official business deal in IT field with the UK, the host of most IT outsourced projects of Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (such as Iran Code, Total Solution of Real Estate, Shabnam, Mizan, Headquarters, etc.) regarding highly qualified experiences in Information Technology fields, Integrated Management and Trading Systems, verified by services acquired with more than 18,000 trade units, 3200 manufacturing and commercial units, 164 unions, 17 Chamber of Guilds, 14 government organization, 4 ministries and one airline company The airline is honored by modern international and transnational new innovative designs.